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Simple Solutions

Forsta makes it easy for developers to provide a great user experience with a wide array of end-user features for:

Encrypted Messaging

Encrypted messaging features include:

End-to-end encryption

Your message is encrypted on one client and not decrypted until it reaches the other client.

1:1 Messaging

Directly message other users.


Easily address groups of people with admin- and user-defined tag groups.

Group and Tag Messaging

Start a message thread with multiple people or multiple tag groups.


Flag specific users when you need to get their attention in a message thread.


Search the messages that are saved on your client.

Delivery Notification

Know when your message has been delivered to another user.

Reply in Progress

See when someone has started to type a reply.

Named Message Threads

Start a new thread with one or more users and change the thread name to match the content.

Special Thread Types

Communicate with users using two-way conversation threads or one-way with announcement threads.

User Invitations

Users can start conversations with non-users by sending them a link to an active thread.

Emoticons & Giphy

Add some fun to conversations with support for both sharing emoticons and giphy images.

Command Line

Control chats, threads and calls with a collection of /commands available inside the chat interface.

Disappearing Messages

Add an extra layer of protection to confidential messages like passwords by creating messages that vanish after a set time period.

Pinned Threads

Keep important discussion threads easy to access by pinning them to the top of your threads collection.

Encrypted Fileshare

Encrypted fileshare features include:

End-to-end encryption

Your file is encrypted on one client and not decrypted until it reaches the other client.

Binary/zip files

Share binary and zip files.

jpeg/tiff/png images

Share pictures and view them in app.

mp4 videos

Share videos and watch them in app.

pdf documents

Share pdfs.

Encrypted Video/Voice/Screenshare

Encrypted video, voice and screenshare features include:

End-to-end encryption

Your data is encrypted on the client and not decrypted until it reaches the other client.

1:1 and Multiuser Video calls

Place a video call to one or more users

1:1 and Multiuser Voice calls

Place a voice call to one or more users

1:1 and Multiuser Screen sharing calls

Place a screen share call to one or more users

Auto scaling

Don't compromise call quality when you don't need to. Our clients auto scale video quality based on available hardware and bandwidth.

HD and UltraHD Video

Supports HD and UltraHD Video when network bandwidth is available.

Call from Threads

Transition seamlessly from a message thread to a call.

Call with Tags

Call specific users or use the user tags to call a group of users.

Call Invitations

Users can start calls with non-users by sending them a call url.

Encrypted Bot and Monitor Services

Encrypted bot and monitor services include:

End-to-end encryption

Your messages are encrypted on the client and not decrypted until it reaches your bot or monitoring server.

Message Vault

Monitor your organizations messaging traffic, storing all messages and useful metadata on your own server.

Live Chat Bot

Create a decision tree which can automate connection of users to live chat operators.

Compliance Monitor

Monitor an organization's messages and automatically forward flagged content to designated members of your organization.

Translation Bot

Works with Google's translation API to provide automatic translation of messages across languages.

Custom Bots and Monitors

Create your own bots and monitors starting with our framework and example bots.

What's Next

Now that you are familiar with Forsta, finish setting up your organization so you can get started.

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