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Forsta is a secure end-to-end encrypted messaging platform that provides organizations the ability
to integrate rich communications functionality into their business applications and workflows.
Forsta is quick to deploy and provides organizations the ultimate in flexibility. A majority of the
Forsta platform is open source or available via a commercial license, enabling you to use
components as-is, work with through APIs, or make significant modifications to meet your
business needs.

Forsta's product architecture is built around the principles of providing best in class security by
using the leading encryption algorithms and storing and securing all private data at the edge.
Messages between Forsta users are protected with end-to-end encryption so that third parties,
including Forsta, cannot decrypt or read them.

Forsta uses the Signal Protocol created by Open Whisper Systems for end-to-end encryption. This
protocol is considered the leading standard for encryption algorithms. It is designed to prevent
third parties from having access to an individual's messages, threads, attachments, location,
images and videos. Additional information on the Signal Protocol is included in the appendix.
Companies developing with the Forsta Platform benefit from a broad range of capabilities, each of
which can be used in its native form or modified as needed. This paper explores those key
capabilities in detail.


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